Integrate the COVID-19 Chatbot Test

You can integrate our COVID-19 symptom checker into your website for free. This allows your users to assess their COVID-19 risk anonymously - in 36 languages.

Just add the following elements to your HTML pages:

     var symptomaConfig = {
        mode: 'CORONA',
        origin: 'DEMO', // provide a custom identifier here
        integration: 'banner', // inline|banner
        bannerConfig: {
            title: 'Symptoma',
            subtitle: 'Start Test',
            linkText: 'Info',
            linkUrl: '',
            showImmediately: false
        style: {
            elevation: '10',
            fontSize: '13px'
<script id="symptoma-integration" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

COVID-19 chatbot

Enter symptoms, answer questions, and receive a score indicating the COVID-19 risk.

How else can you integrate this AI into your website?

Any website

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About the COVID-19 Chatbot Test

Study validating our accuracy in scoring COVID-19 risk

An artificial intelligence based first-line defence against COVID-19: digitally screening citizens for risks via a chatbot

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COVID-19 abstract
29 of 30 COVID-19 cases detected
1,071 of 1,112 cases correctly classified as "low risk" for COVID-19
In 1,100 of 1,142 cases prediction was correct

The indicated sensitivity, specificity and accuracy was evaluated based on symptomatic cases. These values may not be transferred for the purposes of identifying a current COVID-19 infection, especially for a presymptomatic or asymptomatic disease presentation. The COVID-19 chatbot does not represent an in-vitro-diagnostic device (e.g. PCR-Tests).

Martin, A., Nateqi, J. et al. bioRxive preprint doi: